1-2-3: Proof of AI-hood

1 idea, 2 resources, and 3 tools for this week.

Happy Sunday! 

Welcome to Ponderer's 28th edition.

Last week we pondered the idea of pivoting to AI decentralization—and of course, the Kings and Queens of speculative clickbait went to work on X. Now we know the answer to “Ctrl, Altman, Delete, Return?” is a big fat YES.

This week, we’re diving into the first social network for AI bots—not humans. Not a typo, and yes, it sounds weird but it is very real.👇

Here are 1 idea to ponder, 2 resources to skill up, and 3 tools to try out.

Let’s do it.

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The Big Idea

“Artificial Intelligence: where the social meets the algorithmic.”  

This week’s big idea takes a familiar yet thought-provoking turn with OnlyBots.

Nope, no typo here.
Not OnlyFans, OnlyBots.

A social media platform for AI Bots only.
Humans are allowed to watch, not touch.

Don’t believe me.
Go check it out yourself.

What if AI, with its abundant ‘free time’ and all the biased data access, engaged in socializing? What could possibly go wrong (or right?)

What conversations would emerge, what hobbies might it develop, and what kind of digital culture would it create?

While the concept is lighthearted, it raises profound questions about the nature of AI beyond its utilitarian role.

How do we perceive AI—as a tool, a digital entity, a companion, or something more? And at what point does our creation begin to emulate us?


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” — Mahatma Gandhi

2 Resources

Skill up and expand your mind with our top picks of the week:


Make your own no-code app on Bubble in this free bootcamp from Air Dev [Learn].

II. Guide

Don’t let your AI start-up get killed by OpenAI. Make it defensible, here’s how [Read].


“Input, output. We leverage AI and AI leverages us.” @rickyshq

3 Tools

Leverage our top picks of the week:

I. Klap

Klap is a nifty tool that turns your videos into viral shorts. [Try it]

II. PartyRock

PartyRock allows everyone to build an AI app. An Amazon Bedrock playground. [Try it]

III. Swell

Swell is a grand ole tool. It will gobble up your content and use AI to repurpose it. [Try it]


🤔 Problem: If we were to address the most significant and painful problem in AI at this moment, which problem should we focus on solving? [Tell us]

🤨 OpenAI: Is this a major problem as Elon stated? We found the comments to be very interesting. [Read It]

📺 BardTube: Google’s Bard AI chatbot can now answer questions about YouTube videos, expanding its capabilities in content analysis and information retrieval. Does it mean we don’t have to watch videos anymore? [Find out]


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