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“Loving Ponderer! :) ”

Greg IsenbergCo-Founder, LateCheckout

“Ponderer is the bee's knees.”

Mac MartineThe SaaS Bootstrapper

“Great freaking newsletter!”

GG Shirer

“Ponderer is so thoughtful week after week. I look forward to reading it. I came for the motion visuals; stayed for the pondering.”

Jordan MixPartner, LateCheckout.

“Ponderer's design is so sick 🔥 🔥 🔥 One of the few newsletter designs I really respect.”

Jason LevinMemelord, CyberPatterns

“Ponderer is not like the other newsletters I subscribe to. In fact, it's the only one that's different. The whole thing feels different.”

Matt FriedLevel One Nutrition

“The perfect mix of beautiful design and organic wisdom.”

Kody DuncanFounder, Habit Examples

“The most impressive newsletter I've yet to see. Nothing but smarts and signal.”

Andy FreelandFounder, Synthesis

“Epic! Signed up 🤙”

Roberto NicksonFounder, Eluna

“Ponderer maintains a sleek aesthetic but infuses it with a touch of fun and serenity. You can't help but be drawn in by this captivating combination, as it strikes the perfect balance between engaging visuals and a calm atmosphere.”

Brooks WatsonFounder, The Hydrant

“Ponderer is an exceptional one. I appreciate the clarity and simplicity of it. Even more for the links to help me understand more. This is not my expertise and to have it done in this way I am glad for it.”

Paul L. Gunn, Jr.Founder, Kuog Inc.

“Ponderer is my favorite newsletter! Magnificent attention to detail. The thoughtfulness that I can’t get enough of. I know… it’s that sexy blue and those mental models. 💙 🔥”

Samantha DentonMilk Road

“Ponderer is sharp and therapeutic to read (and watch). It flows really nicely. Design, copy, structure. It’s a pleasure to consume.”

Callum Birch

“I'm loving Ponderer! I personally love the simplicity of it. Also, the graphics are on point too.”

Sam DickieFounder, Creator Club

“I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, but Ponderer makes me really pause and smile. I love the motion designs and their unique take on a variety of topics.”

Meiko S. PattonFounder, The Peripheral