1-2-3: Steal Like an Artist

1 idea, 2 resources, and 3 tools for this week.

Happy Thursday!

Welcome to Ponderer's 5th edition.

Ahh, nothing like feeling wanted by strangers. 💙 

This week we received many questions on Twitter about how we created our animated divider, other animated visuals, and even newsletter design.

We want to be helpful, so the question we're pondering is...

Here are 1 idea to ponder, 2 resources to skill up, and 3 tools to try out.

Let’s do it.


Ponderer check - don't trust the hype, verify.

Don't trust the hype, verify.

The Big Idea

Art is theft. — Pablo Picasso

Every great artist gets asked the question:

"Where do you get your ideas?"

The honest artist answers:

"I steal them."

Nothing is original.

Not even our cool motion designs.

Our art is inspired by the work of other creators.

Generative AI art is no different in that respect.

With practice, we add our own soul into the mix.

No, AI doesn't have a soul.

If anything, it is our soul injected into it [input.]

Art is genetics.

A collection of ideas.

But what do we know, really?


Learn Section: Skill up through Experience

We learn via iteration and putting our skin in the game.

2 Resources

Skill up with our top picks of the week:

I. SaaS vs. AI Models:

[Read it] AI Entrepreneur Allie K. Miller flexed her "break it down in simple terms" skills in a recent Twitter post on how the release of your favorite SaaS tools like Salesforce, Slack, or Zoom differs from the launch of an AI large language model like GPT-4.

II. Video Tutorial [22 min]:

[Skill up] Learn how to use AI art and ChatGPT to create a website without writing a single line of code.


Infinite Leverage - Human input, AI output until AI provides input + output.

Human input, AI output. We leverage AI, and AI leverages us.

3 Tools

Leverage our top picks of the week:

I. Galileo AI

Galileo is a revolutionary platform for UI designers, allowing them to quickly and effectively create stunning designs from simple text descriptions. With its intuitive features, even the most novice designer can craft an editable UI quickly and easily. Its intuitive interface is user-friendly and efficient, making it the perfect partner for any designer who wants to speed up their workflow. [Try it]

II. HeyDay

Heyday is the AI-powered memory assistant that'll help you remember more than just your grocery list. With a fast and easy setup, Heyday will save all the pages you visit and resurface them alongside search results, documents, messages, files, newsletters, notes, presentations, spreadsheets, tweets, and more - all while keeping your data secure and private. [Try it]

III. Mixo

Mixo is an AI-powered web builder that helps entrepreneurs quickly launch, validate and grow their startup ideas. Simply add a description [200 words or less] and let Mixo go to work, and like "magic," it'll write all the copy, create the images, and even install the opt-in functionality. No code, no drag-and-drop. Fully customizable. [Try it]


🤨 Hmm: Our founder thinks he is funnier than us. We'll allow him to believe that as long as we get paid on time. We're still getting paid, right?

🖼️ Art Theft? An adorable 10-year-old girl creates a masterpiece inspired by her favorite artist's work and shows it to the artist. He loves it! Then, AI creates a masterpiece inspired by both of their work, and we deliver it to the artist. He says AI stole from the girl and his work. Why? Both follow Austin Kleon's "Steal Like An Artist" advice—a great read.

😍 Check-in: Greg Isenberg and Theo Tabah from LateCheckout, subscribed to Ponderer this week. We're a little starstruck. Does that mean we're doing something well? Or is it that they can't stop joining AI newsletters? We know we are special. We have 11 followers, and one of them is our founder. Vanity metrics... gotta love them.


Karen is a national treasure for making this video on generative AI art vs. human art. We are jealous that she did it first, but it is all love. 💙 All the credit goes to us, of course. 😏 

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